From 1 April 2016, tax exemption for historic vehicles has been extended to cover all cars manufactured or registered before 1 January 1976.  This is part of the Government's rolling programme to tax exempt all cars more than 40 years old.

For your Jaguar or Daimler vehicle to be tax exempt, it must have been manufactured before 1 January 1976. There are cars which were registered after 1 January 1976, but which were manufactured before this date. These cars will be tax-exempt, if the DVLA is satisfied of their correct manufacturing date.

Cars which were first registered in the UK in 1976 (or later), could have an earlier date of manufacture, for instance for one of the following reasons:

  • Cars built in the latter part of 1975 may have been held in factory or dealer stocks, and may only have been sold and registered in 1976.
  • Cars which were originally sold and registered outside the UK mainland, could have been brought back here when they were nearly new, and first registered in the UK when they were a year or two old. This typically applies to cars originally sold in the Channel Islands, in Northern Ireland and Eire, in the Isle of Man, or as Personal Export Tax-Free Deliveries, for instance to personnel serving with the British Army or Embassies overseas.
  • Cars which were originally sold in export markets such as the USA, but which have been re-imported as classic cars in recent years.
  • Cars which were laid up and not taxed for long periods, and where the original log book was lost, may have been recorded by the DVLA with a 'date of first registration' relating to the date when they were re-registered, typically in the 1970s or early 1980s.

To help owners to determine whether or not their Jaguar or Daimler car is tax exempt, Jaguar Heritage Trust can advise on request the first chassis numbers for cars built in 1976 for all Jaguar and Daimler models in production at this time. 

Please Contact Us if you would like to know the first chassis number built in 1976 for your make/model - select 'Archive' from the drop down list and enter the relevant details in the Enquiry box.

If you believe that your car is tax exempt, Jaguar Heritage Trust can supply you with a Heritage Certificate, which will satisfy the requirements of the DVLA. 

If you would like to check whether your vehicle is MOT Test Exempt, please click here.